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About Us

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Eindhoven Cricket Club was founded in the year 1915 and is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the Netherlands. ECC is recognized and supported by KNCB (Dutch Cricket Board) and Gemeente Eindhoven (Municipality of Eindhoven).

ECC consists of members of various nationalities, speaking different languages and sharing different cultures. This is what makes ECC unique, people from different parts of the world coming together to play a sport that they all enjoy playing, i.e. CRICKET. ECC is registered with the Dutch Cricket Board.

The club has been growing gradually over the years and in 2018, ECC fielded a second team ECC-2. ECC-2 started at 3B, and in its first season due to some wonderful performances got promoted to the higher level, i.e. 2A. ECC-1 team is currently playing in Erste Klasse (EK), first division in the KNCB league. ECC-1 were back to back champions in the year 2016 and 2017, taking them from 2A to EK in 2 years. From 2022, ECC has expanded to 3rd senior team begining at 4e Klass. In addition to this, ECC also has 2 youth teams; U13 and U15.

Eindhoven Cricket Club strives to promote cricket with various youth programs for the community. We encourage parents, cricketers and the young ones to be a part of this volunteer effort to create an awareness and education on the game of cricket. Our cricket camps are open to all who are eager to learn more about the sport of cricket.

The club organizes indoor and outdoor softball cricket tournaments in Eindhoven every year. Eindhoven Cricket League (ECL) which was the first tape ball tournament organized in the Netherlands is hosted twice a year. ECL is currently in its 10th edition. This tournament sees teams from all over the Netherlands. In 2018, the first outdoor cricket tournament was conducted,ECL T-10 which saw 12 teams taking part in the span of 2 days, and this tournament has been successfully conducted every year since then.

Apart from these, the club is also involved in many other activities :

  • Introduce cricket to children through “in school” coaching programs
  • Encourage young cricketers to play socially in age-group related competitions
  • Train coaches and teachers to expand the games in the community
  • Organize team building events for Corporates with a workshop on Cricket


The Mission of the club is to ensure that cricket is played at the highest level of the KNCB league.
The Vision of the club is to promote cricket in the region and to be recognized as one of the best Cricket Clubs in the Netherlands.